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In our core Office, Printing, and Other business categories, we offer innovative approaches and solutions that accommodate advanced contemporary information requirements.

Office Printing / Office Services

Ricoh constantly seeks to deliver new value to changing work styles by offering an array of innovative imaging equipment such as MFPs, printers and visual communication systems. We also offer complete solutions, ranging from the construction and support of information technology environments, the manangement of networks, and the provision of maintenance services and user support.

Video and Web conference systems
Interactive whiteboards

Commercial Printing / Industrial Printing / Thermal

Commercial Printing

We deliver a wide range of high-value-added digital printing products and services in quantities that meet user demand, whether large or small.

Production printers
Publications in an array of designs

Industrial Printing

We manufacture and market industrial inkjet print heads, inkjet ink, printers to print to everything from furniture, wall paper, automobile exteriors and clothing fabrics.

Inkjet print heads
Garment printers
Original T shirts and tote bags
printed with a garment printer


We produce and market thermal paper and thermal media for food labels, clothing tags, tickets and handy terminal paper.

Food POS labels
Handy terminal paper

Industrial Products / Smart Vision / New Development

Industrial Products

We supply automotive stereo cameras, automotive precision machined parts and small and low energy mobile ICs utilizing our optical and image processing technologies.

13Automotive stereo cameras
14Automotive power supply ICs

Smart Vision

Spherical cameras can provide 360° still images and movies that showcase atmospheres and locations. We also maintain a solid lineup of digital cameras including single lens reflex cameras for professionals and action cameras that are waterproof, dustproof, and shock resistant.

15Spherical cameras
16Single lens reflex cameras
17Action cameras

New Development

Additive manufacturing

We provide total solutions, integrating everything from 3D printer sales, consulting, 3D data design and modeling.

183D printers
19Objects fabricated with 3D printer

We acquired the brain activity measurement business of Yokogawa Electric Corporation in 2016.

Eco Solution

We aim to build and expand our eco solution businesses at Ricoh Eco Business Development Center. Ricoh Japan Corporation provides solar power facility operations and maintenance services as well as electricity sales services.

18Ricoh Eco Business Development Center
19Solar power facility operations
and maintenance services
Manufacturing and sales of watches