The .375 Lethal Magnum round was developed to push the growing number of low drag 375 caliber bullets at incredible velocities. This case is 3.300" in length and offers just over 190 grains of H2O capacity. To date development has consisted of testing this round with 350-400 grain projectiles, due to the huge capacity and the burn rates of available powders, this cartridge is currently best suited to 350 grain to 400 grain projectiles. 400 grain projectiles can currently be driven to 3100+ FPS out of 32" barrels, and 3200 FPS out of 36" barrels. This cartridge offers a true step up in performance over Chey-Tac based cartridges. It is highly recommended that barrels longer than 32" be used (32" is the minimum we will build).

Testing has proven 350 grain Cutting Edge MTH bullets can be fired in excess of 3,350-3400 FPS out of a 32" barrel. This cartridge uses very slow powders (H50BMG, RL50, WC872), in many cases, longer barrels are desired for increased performance.

*UPDATE: 36"-38" Barrels will result in 3500+ FPS possible with 350 grain bullets. 400 grain bullets are capable of achieving 3200 FPS.*

Recommended specifications:

 - Any single shot action designed for the .375 or .408 Chey-Tac.

 - 32" to 38" Barrel. Twist rate should reflect bullet choice, for most solids 350-375 grain in weight we recommend a 1-9" twist, for 400+ grain bullets a 1-8" twist is needed.

 - McMillan A-5 Super Mag, Big Mac, or any McMillan .50 BMG Benchrest stock. We recommend XLR industries if a Chassis is desired for Single Shot actions.


Chamber and thread barrel; includes muzzle brake installation- $500.00

Complete Builds, Barreled Actions, etc- Quoted Case by Case

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If you need to hit targets at extreme ranges, this is the platform for you. The 375 Lethal Magnum was designed for the purpose of delivering the highest ballistic performance available, but still maintain a portable package. We've done this very well and have proven this system at the 2016 King of 2 Miles match in Raton, New Mexico. LPA owner Mitch Fitzpatrick took 1st place using this platform in a LPA built rifle.

Left to right: .338 Lapua Magnum, .375 CheyTac, .375 Lethal Magnum