We are committed to making sure the rifle system isn't the weak link so you can reach your full potential as a marksmen, and achieve your ELR goals.


The average shooting enthusiast doesn't require a rifle system capable of exceptional accuracy at Extended Long Ranges (ELR), but for those of you that do, like us, we aim to find, test, and make the best equipment possible. Currently, there is a gap in the market for rifle systems specifically designed for ELR shooting, our goal is to change that.


Who are we?

We work closely with Applied Ballistics LLC on many of our projects. 

In May of 2015, Mitchell tried out and qualified for the US FTR Rifle Team for the 2017 World Championship Cycle. This amazing opportunity allows him to work with and learn from some of the most experienced and successful long range marksmen in the country.

Mitchell has gained a passion for Extended Long Range shooting and has created Lethal Precision Arms LLC for the purpose of pushing the sport forward by combining his riflesmithing skills with his broad, yet expanding, knowledge of ballistics.

In early 2016 Mitchell unveiled a project that had been in the works for many months, the.375 Lethal Magnum. The .375 Lethal Magnum was designed to dominate the sport of ELR shooting. And it did just that, Mitchell used the .375 Lethal Magnum to win the 2016 King of 2 Miles competition.

What is Extended Long Range?

There are a few definitions out there as to what exactly extended long range is. Here at Lethal Precision Arms, we believe ELR starts at 1760 yards.

Pushing the Limits


Our objective at Lethal Precision Arms, LLC is to test and develop precision rifles and equipment for the use of Extended Long Range shooting through applied research and testing. We have a passion for ELR and it is our goal to push the sport farther than ever before with dedicated equipment.

Not all rifle systems are created equal, or for the same purpose. Some rifles are built for hunting, light weight and portable, others for rough tactical use. What do you look for in a rifle built for extended long range shooting? That's where we come in.


Lethal Precision Arms, LLC was founded by Mitchell Fitzpatrick and his father Mark Fitzpatrick in 2015.

Mitchell got started in the shooting industry by getting into F-Class Target Rifle competitive shooting in the spring of 2013. He designed the action and built his rifle from scratch. Since then Mitchell and his father Mark have built many sub 1/2 MOA rifles in an effort to hone their riflesmithing skills.

​Through competing with the Michigan F-T/R rifle Team, Mitchell got connected with Bryan Litz. He has been working with Bryan at Applied Ballistics LLC for the last couple years, learning valuable information and knowledge about external ballistics and long range shooting, as well as how to perform precise scientific testing.