What do we do?

Accessories and Equipment

Rifles are only one part of the equation. To make hits at extended long range all of your equipment needs to work together.

We are testing rifle accessories and equipment along with the rifles, with the ultimate goal of finding or developing products optimized for ELR shooting. Most notable of these are adjustable scope mounts and bi-pods. We are looking for repeatibility, ease of use, and the highest level of precision possible.


At Lethal Precision Arms, we are dedicated to developing the sport of Extended Long Range shooting. The best way to do this is through research and real world testing. Research is currently our primary focus.

Most of our research is focused on the rifle. I know what you are probably thinking,  high quality precision rifles are being built every day by riflesmiths across the country, and that is true. What you may not notice as quickly, is that most of the precision rifles being built and used for ELR shooting are not being fully optimized for that purpose.

Our research is focused on optimizing every component of the rifle system for extended long range. 


As you can imagine, the best way to research and test rifle components, is to build and test complete rifles.

We are continuously building rifles for our own use and testing, as well building systems for the most demanding ELR marksmen.

We work very closely with our customers to ensure that the rifle they order is capable of meeting their goals. We guarantee every rifle to be capable of 1/2 MOA precision.

Our goal is to produce complete rifle systems in order to let you skip the long waits of custom gun shops, while offering a product that cost less than a factory rifle from big name Hollywood companies.

We have experience with rifle platforms from in all calibers, but most of our experience is in platforms from .300 Norma to .50 BMG. Recently, we have specialized in .375 calibers.